The Vehicles In "Mad Max: Fury Road" Are Gloriously Insane

The Mad Max franchise has always been known for its badass vehicles, and with the impending Fury Road release, it's only upping the ante. Ahead of the May 15th release, Warner Brothers just dropped a bunch of images of the cars and trucks used in the film. They're all real, and were built to be able to withstand the rigors of shooting live action stunts on location.

The War Rig

Obviously the primary lifeline for fuel-starved baddies, the War Rig, with bits of cars added here and there like battle stations on a WWII bomber, is basically the truck from Duel's god.

Plymouth Rock

Here's guessing the name "Sonic" wasn't allowed.


1970s muscle meets Ripsaw personal tank. Enough said.

The Nux Car

The doors might not open, because the exhaust is in the way, but that's ok because there are so many spikes to grab onto while you're climbing in.


Ever wonder what would happen if Mater & Christine had a kid?

The Interceptor

This Ford XB Falcon is and will forever be the true star of the Mad Max series.

The Gigahorse

What? It's just your average monster dually truck with a pair of Caddy bodies mounted on top and powered by two different turbo V8s.


A VW Beetle with a V8 and plenty of extra tanks of fuel seems about right for any post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Buggy #9

Yeah, it's a Corvette body on a truck frame, but it's also an homage to an actual Australian car from back in the 1970s...that consisted of a Corvette body on a truck frame.

The Big Foot

A circa-1940 monster truck with harpoons in the back, because there's a definite need for harpoons in the outback.