This Off-roading RV Looks Straight Out Of 'Transformers'

Published On 08/12/2014 Published On 08/12/2014

There is no more American way to criss-cross this beautiful country than in an RV, though there are plenty of natural wonders that they're not quite cut out for. But there's no reason to limit your sightseeing simply because a home on wheels can't climb jagged mountains, especially when the KiraVan is ready to haul like a boss anywhere, anytime.

Simply put, The KiraVan is a Winnebago on Dwayne Johnson-caliber steroids. The 52-foot big-rig is powered by a modified Mercedes MiniMog tractor with a six-cylinder, 250 hp, turbo-diesel engine plenty powerful to tow the connected tricked-out, four-door crew cabin.

It's specifically built for wild, off-the-grid itineraries. All set up, it's equipped with enough provisions and water to accommodate three people for up to three weeks and has a range of 2,000 miles (on "regular" terrain) on a single fill-up of its 170-gallon tank.  

It looks beastly cruising down the road, but when it's in full Transformer-mode at rest, it's basically an expedition command center. In fact, the folks behind the KiraVan specialize in building custom vehicles for field research teams, scientific and government use, and even film production crews. 

Just a glance inside the cockpit and you know this thing is a far cry from your average leisure Land Cruiser. 

At night, it can be straight-up terrifying. Depending on your needs, it can be decked out with all sorts of telescoping surveying masts, lighting rigs, imaging systems, and complex GPS equipment.

In the rear cabin, though, things are cozy and comfortable. The well-appointed galley kitchen is plenty big to cook up some gourmet grub, and the dining area doubles as the bunk area.

The HVAC system will keep temps inside comfortable even when those outside are as low as -30 or as high as 130 Fahrenheit.

And if you can't fight the urge to check Facebook while soaking up life off the grid, there's a built-in office with hardware and software that supports all manner of satellite Internet and radio communication to keep you linked in from nearly any spot on the globe. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would take this thing to the ends of the Earth.



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