The Optimus Prime Of Catamarans

Published On 09/16/2014 Published On 09/16/2014

In many cases, it's better to have friends with boats than to deal with the upkeep and costs of owning one yourself. Then, sometimes, crazy Austrian engineers invent a wildly luxurious catamaran that can instantly switch between four other types of sea-faring vehicles, Transformers-style, which causes you to abandon all logic and reason and buy the damn thing. Behold, the Kormaran

Thanks to its innovative hydraulics system, you can switch between catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or hydrofoil modes. It can change on a whim, along with your mood, the wind, and the weather. Done lounging out in the open water and want to cruise back to the marina for lunch? You have a stable of vehicles at the ready to get you there.

You'll be riding in high style, too. The hull interior is fashioned from a triumvirate of top-notch materials: carbon fiber, teak, and Boxmark Xtreme leather. 

Depending on its cruising mode, the 22-footer's slick body switches between five and 11.5 feet wide, which comes in handy when and if you're passing through a narrow channel or unpredictably rocky waters.

But when you're ready to rip it full throttle out in the open, it'll get you going up to 44 mph.

But does it really matter how fast you're going? Look at what you're riding in. Just be thankful. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompresor and currently in search of more friends with boats. 



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