The New Land Rover Defenders are all dressed up with everywhere to go

After decades as the go-to vehicle for everything from road trips across Africa to driving up mountains for the sheer experience of it, the Land Rover Defender's just dropped a couple new packages to its lineup aimed at making the off-road beast more comfy and stylish than ever before.

The two packs are called the Silver Pack and the Black Pack, which not only makes them perfect for Oakland Raiders fans, but specifies what color the trim is at the front and top of the vehicle. Rather confusingly, Land Rover's showing the Silver Pack on a black vehicle and the Black Pack on a silver one. Either way, they're both pretty awesome.

With both packages, you've got unique wheel options with contrasting colors and various other style points, but this is a Defender. The wheel option you want is this no-nonsense heavy duty number.

The black/silver finish of the exterior continues on the inside, where it works its way onto the dash.

It provides an additional contrast to the contrasting leather seats and black microsuede headliner.

The bottom line? The defender is finally a worthy adversary to Mercedes' legendary G Class — not just off in the jungle, but in the urban jungle as well. Just, don't shoot the suburban wildlife.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's convinced his cars are small enough to get run over by a Defender. To find out, follow him on Twitter.