A LEGO Heir and the Guy Behind Fisker Just Built a Bike

When the eldest heir to the LEGO fortune decided he wanted a custom bike, he didn't go to a custom garage — he bought an already established one named Lauge Jensen. For good measure, he hired Henrik Fisker, designer of the eponymous luxury hybrid that was good at just about everything except making money, to draw up a new motorcycle they could produce from Denmark. It's called the Lauge Jensen Viking, and it's pretty sweet.

Fisker has been designing cars for ages, not just for himself but for BMW and Aston Martin as well. His previous designs, like the DB9 and the Z8 (and of course, the Fisker Karma) all tend to share an emphasis on compact visual efficiency. That approach wasn't abandoned here, as you can see how the seat, fuel tank, and fender all blend into the same line.

They don't explicitly say who makes the engine, which is funny, because it's a V-Twin from Wisconsin (bike-speak for Harley Davidson). Danish humor aside, it puts out 100 hp — more than enough to propel the Viking up to 130 mph. Also, how sinister does it look in black?

It's a cruiser, so the fact that it weighs over 650 pounds isn't really a big deal. The best thing is they're actually going to produce it... provided enough people express interest in actually owning one.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. The more he looks at the Viking, the more he likes it, especially the sinewy lines around the seat.