You've never seen a Jaguar this sexy before

The Low Drag Eagle E-Type GT, a modern hard top interpretation of the Jaguar E-Type, has officially knocked its topless sister — the Eagle Speedster — off the podium in the competition for the sexiest Jaguar, and quite possibly sexiest car ever built.

Eagle Customs will only be offering a handfull of these Low Drag GTs (short for Grand Touring) for sale through their highly customized bespoke service. Unsurprisingly, just like everywhere else "bespoke" translates to insane quality at astronomic pricetags. Think seven figures.

Of course nothing says "bespoke" quite like a hand-tooled aluminum and carbon fiber inline six-cylinder engine. Allegedly it spits out 346 horsepower, which combined with a featherweight aluminum body sends the Eagle GT from zero to 60 in well under five seconds. A full two seconds faster than its 1960s ancestor.

The craziest part about the shapely minx you see above? It very nearly never existed.

Back in the early 60s demand was so high for Jaguar E-Types that after the Low Drag hardtop was developed it was kept hidden for three years. The car's sex appeal was literally feared to be too potent to be safely consumed by drivers of the day.

One look at it and it's easy to see hordes of car buyers trampling the Jaguar factory, fists full of money, demanding their very own sexpot to whip around the streets of London. 

Oh and that chrome finish? It's not chrome, its some sort of super-lightweight mercury paint that's been polished up to put your bathroom mirror to shame. Which isn't that big of an accomplishment actually — when was the last time you cleaned that thing man?

Only drawback to building a modern classic: they don't make retro gauges to match the upgraded top speed, which has been rumored at well over 170 miles per hour. Besting stock e-types by a solid 20+ mph.

Note: There is no cigarette lighter, however there is a perfectly capable cigar lighter at your disposal.

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