Martini. Porsche. 911.

In the automotive world, some combinations just feel right. Jaguars should be British Racing Green, Ferraris should be Red, and anything with the name Shelby should have stripes running down the middle. That all stems, of course, from rich legacies in racing.

Porsche is no stranger to racing at an elite level, and on the eve of their return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the marque is celebrating its heritage by releasing a run of 80 Martini Racing Edition 911s—a throwback to Porsche's past that includes 16 wins at the mother of all endurance races.

Beyond the gorgeous Martini striping, the car's aerodynamics have been tweaked front and back, with the addition of Porsche's Aerokit Cup package that theoretically stablizes the car at triple-digit speeds.

The cars are only available in white or black and the interior's been tweaked with accents along the dash. For people unwilling or unable to purchase one of the 80 they're making—sadly, that includes anyone in the US, since they won't be bringing it stateside—the company plans on selling the package as a visual option.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He'll take his Martini 911 in the traditional white, thank you very much.