The McLaren Special Ops 650S is even more ludicrous

For people that find ordinary McLarens too, well, ordinary, there's a division called MSO — McLaren Special Operations — which harnesses the vast powers of the company's Bond villain-like headquarters to modify and refine about 20% of the company's cars. Now, they've gone full-bore as an in-house tuner for the 650S and MP4-12C.

What have they done, exactly? Well, they've made a whole array of carbon fiber parts all under the guise of bettering the cars' aerodynamic performance. The fact that they look killer certainly doesn't hurt.

It might seem like it's been 100 percent murdered out, with everything in either naked carbon or pure black. But there are actually deep ruby flakes in the paint, though you can only see them in direct sunlight.

Inside, carbon fiber seats drop over 30 pounds from the car, and the little bit of color around the instrument panels is about as bright as the car gets. At least, until you press the start button.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and is fairly certain carbon fiber is the only fiber that's socially allowable to call sexy.