The Lamborghini of Hovercrafts Is Surprisingly Affordable

Late in 2012, a couple of guys announced that they wanted to build personal hovercrafts, and that they could do so in a pretty affordable fashion if they could just get some funding. Plenty of people assumed their design was vaporware, but after successfully raising the dough, their idea is not only alive and well, but if you've got a $75,000 to spend on a ride, you can actually park a Mercier-Jones Supercraft in your garage starting this May.

Inspired by some science-fictiony amalgamation of a Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo, and Audi R8, the Supercraft is designed to cruise at up to 40 mph across land and sea... and ice, snow, mud, pavement... basically over almost anything that isn't a tree or a building.

It's technically a hybrid, too; the fans and drive system are 100% electric, and thus have near instant throttle and directional response, but all that electricity is provided by a gas-powered generator. The net result is that total fuel economy is around 12 mph, but the chances you'll care about that as you drive into a semi-frozen Chicago River are roughly zero.

The body is pretty much right on par with any supercar, with carbon fiber comprising the vast amount of the outside.

Driving it is surprisingly similar to driving a car, too, thanks to a "reverse thrust pedal" that functions much like a brake pedal. You can get it with pretty much any modern necessity, like seat heaters and a killer stereo, and it's got a GPS that will hilariously freak out when you drive straight into the ocean.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's convinced that this technology applied in reverse would make for one helluva race car. Follow him through the twisty bits on Twitter.

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