The RV From Jurassic Park Is For Sale

The Lost World: Jurassic Park might not have been the finest work of Jeff Goldblum's career, but it did feature that crazy-sweet mobile lab that they used as a shelter from angry dinosaurs. Now, the same company that's selling off the Velociraptor cage from the first JP has got the actual RV/movie prop mobile lab from Lost World.

It began life as a 1997 Fleetwood Southwind Storm RV, then was heavily Jurassic Park-ified by Spielberg's team of magicians.

SPOILER ALERT: It gets kinda trashed in the movie when an angry Tyrannosaur fights for her baby, just like every guy who's ever been on the Maury Povich Show doesn't.

Overall it's still in pretty decent shape, though the paint is a bit faded...

...but it comes with a legit on-board computer! And the original trailer that came with it.