The Ford GT Heritage Edition

There aren't many cars that are as instantly recognizable, as universally admired, and as patriotic as the Ford GT40, and there aren't very many racing liveries as classic as the orange and blue of Gulf Oil. So when Ford decided to make the modern Ford GT, it was kind of a no-brainer to offer the most classic color combo. Still, they're hard to come by, which is why the Heritage Edition Ford GT for sale at RM's Monaco auction is so important.

There's just something about the color scheme that's unbeatable. Possibly, it's because after the GT40 did its share of winning in baby blue and orange, Steve McQueen carried the livery even further when he filmed Le Mans. It looks good on almost every race car it's on, but on the Ford GT, it's at its very best.

If you happen to be a person of means looking to purchase a 200 mph supercar, you've got literally dozens of cars from which to pick. If, however, you're a motoring connoisseur looking to purchase one, your list just got considerably shorter. But this is still on it.

This is not the most refined engine in the world, because it's not supposed to be. It's 5.4 liters of Detroit muscle, with a big supercharger stuck on top for good measure. 550 hp certainly looks comfy beneath all that blue and orange, doesn't it?

Inside, of course, it's a classic homage to the original. The speedometer is off to the side, while the tachometer is front and center so you always know what your engine is up to, and/or somehow don't hear it screaming from six inches behind your head. Everything else is either bare aluminum or leather to keep things understated and classy.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. As a general rule, he hates the color orange. The Gulf livery and McLaren Papaya Orange are the only two exceptions.