The 16 Cars We're Most Excited About For Next Year

Some truly amazing cars are hitting the streets next year—looking at you Ford GT, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and BMW M2. But that's not all! There's a slew of soon-to-be game-changing automobiles just waiting to take the industry by surprise. Here are the 16 we're most excited about seeing and/or driving.

1. Ford GT

Duh. If you're not supremely stoked about America's newest supercar you haven't been paying attention.

2. Acura NSX

The long-awaited successor to the game-changing original NSX has some lofty expectations to meet. A 560 hp hybrid supercar that's meant to be driven daily is an excellent first step.

3. Maserati Alfieri

A 520 hp Maserati Grand Tourer built to go toe to toe with the likes of Jaguar? If it wasn't already green-lit for production, you could be forgiven for thinking it's a flight of fancy.

4. BMW M2

Somehow, BMW has yet to announce the existence of the M2, despite the fact that everyone in the industry knows it starts production in November. When it does become official—on August 13, by the way—you'll see a 370 hp car that's smaller and lighter than an M3 and M4...and quite possibly just as fast.

5. Corvette Zora/GM's Mystery Prototype

Rumors of a mid-engined Corvette have been around for decades and should generally be taken with a grain of salt. Is this time different? Car and Driver certainly thinks so, and points to a very interesting test mule as proof. Automobile Magazine thinks it's more likely to be a Cadillac. With Ford's new GT on the horizon and nothing with which to fight it, it makes sense for GM to build something along those lines. Obviously GM won't confirm anything, but all outward appearances make it seem like that's exactly what GM's doing.

6. Rolls-Royce Dawn

Take a Wraith—already the most luxurious coupe on the planet—and turn it into a classic Rolls-Royce drophead coupe. The car has been announced, and it's been spotted out during testing. All that's left is to see it in the very, very pricy flesh.

7. Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Italian automotive renaissance in the U.S. that started with the 4C goes to a whole new level with the Giulia. Sure, the base trim is nice, but the performance Quadrifoglio option is the one gunning squarely for M3, AMG, and ATS-V territory. With 500 hp in a carbon-fiber laden car that's barely pushing 3,400 lbs, it's game on.

8. Jaguar F-Type SVR

When Jaguar-Land Rover announced its new SVO unit in charge of making the fastest vehicles in the history of the British marques, it was assumed that the F-Type would get some spiffy upgrades. It is, and those upgrades are just around the corner. With nearly 600 hp and all-wheel-drive both expected, along with some aero tweaks derived from the stunning Project 7, it looks like Jaguar's finally ready to compete with Porsche in more than just the looks and sound department.

9. Toyota Supra/BMW Z4

It's been an open secret for quite some time now that BMW and Toyota are working together on a new sports car platform. Will the resulting cars of either manufacturer look remotely like the Toyota FT-1 shown above? Well, if you want to believe the hype, that's a yes on Toyota's side, while the BMW will look like, well, a BMW.

10. Camaro Z/28

Really, any new Camaro variant is worthy of being on this list, since it's a significant step up from the last generation. The Z/28, however, hasn't been announced yet, while GM gives everyone time to be psyched about the SS. Given the performance the old Z/28 was capable of, though, Chevy's engineers are going to have a field day.

11. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Technically you can get these in 2015 guise, but less than 200 will be produced. You'll start seeing these on the road next year, and it'll possibly be the most exciting Mustang to come along in over a generation.

12. Jaguar XE

Jaguar's second ever attempt at going toe-to-toe with its German rivals in the sport sedan segment has been a huge hit with all who have driven it...which means Europeans. It officially hits our shores next year, which just made your next car-buying decision a little more complicated.

13. Ford Focus RS

Ford has long made the RS lineup of cars for its European market, and it's finally bringing it stateside. The timing couldn't be better, since the new Focus RS is a 345 hp, all-wheel-drive athlete that's going to do some serious damage at local race tracks.

14. Mercedes C63 AMG

AMG's upping the ante in the ever-evolving performance game against BMW, Audi, etc. Expect 500 hp and all-wheel-drive to be accompanied by a much bolder, more angular shape that you can sorta make out underneath that camouflage.

15. Bentley Bentayga

Right now, we're at a precipice. As buyers move past sedans into ever-larger vehicles, the rise of the ultra-luxe SUV is nigh, and the Bentley Bentayga is on pace to be the first of them, ahead of both Rolls-Royce and BMW. With a 12-cylinder under the hood and enough space inside to truly take in all the craftsmanship that goes into it, its reveal will be a defining moment for the high-end luxury segment.

16. Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat's bringing back the famed 124 Spider after a few decades away, and even better is that it's coming to America. Better still? It's based on the already great Miata chassis, though it will likely look significantly better than my sloppy photoshopped version above. There's going to be a performance version with the Abarth label, as well. Rumored to be fitted with the same engine that's in the Alfa Romeo 4C, it'll be one heck of a fun car.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He has a newfound respect for people who make speculative renderings look realistic on a daily basis.

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