The Most Expensive Car Ever Sold Is...for Sale!

Every time a Ferrari 250 GTO hits the market it seems to set some sort of record for sale price. That’s partially because it was one of the most successful race cars of all time, partially because just over three dozen were ever built, and partially because it’s so undeniably stunning.

One sold privately last year for over $50 million, and one is currently up for sale in Germany for an astounding $64 million after taxes, but this one has a better provenance.

Though the 250 GTO really needs no introduction, Memory Lane is a tree-lined, leaf-covered, twisty bit of tarmac that’s perfectly suited to a car like this. Giotto Bizzarrini designed the car to win World Championships, and it certainly did exactly that, dominating the world, and forcing even the great Carroll Shelby to dabble in aerodynamics to keep the Cobras competitive.

The three liter V12 was fitted to help the car and engine meet the production requirement to homologate the package for international racing use. (Fun fact: Gran Turismo Omologato literally translates to Grand Touring Homologation.) 

Inside, the car features carpet and...nothing else that would be considered luxurious. The racing harnesses hold you in place while you wrestle with the oversized wooden steering wheel, and the gearshift, with that classic Ferrari gate, is pure automotive pornography.

This car’s specific history is somewhat of a mixed bag. It finished second at the Tour de France (the original one, with the cars and the epicness, not the one with the steroids), and promptly followed that up with a fatal accident for one of its drivers. After being returned to factory condition by Ferrari, it has been owned by a single family, who have their fortune thanks to Ferrarelle bottled water, and who made sure it has seen regular action for the past 49 years.

So what’ll it be? $40 million? $50 million? $60 million?

UPDATE: This car just went for $38 million. That officially smashes the record for most expensive car sold at auction, but it's still not the most expensive 250 GTO ever.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. If he could afford this car, he’d be living on a private island with its own race track around the perimeter.