Meanwhile, In Russia...

For the uninitiated, Dartz is a Russian tuner that takes vehicles like the AMG 6x6 and bulletproofs them, adding a healthy dose of what you could only describe as Russian opulence—interiors made from great white sharks, for starters. This also includes insanely expensive vodka with every vehicle. Now? They've dropped this wonder on the world: an animated sales brochure set as a music video to the only Vladimir Putin-worshipping rap song you need to know.

(Editor's note: the video is sliiiiightly NSFW. No nudity, but if you work somewhere ultra conservative, maybe wait until you're home to click play.)

click to play video

The song itself is actually the latest "hit" from AMG, or Architects Music Group, who on their own are pretty Russianly weird. Dartz is responsible for the semi-nudity and all the vehicles you'll now see with your eyes shut.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He just listened to more AMG songs than he should have and is self-imposing an hour of quiet time.