Ken Block's 845 HP Vintage Mustang. Whoa.

With every successive gymkhana video he makes, Ken Block is under immense pressure to go one better. If his newest car is any indication of how righteous the next video is going to be, he's about to flip a very awesome middle finger at the entire concept of pressure.

Three things you need to know about it: 1) It's a Mustang (duh). 2) It's putting out 845 hp. 3) It's delivering that 845 hp to all four wheels.

While the car looks like a heavily modified 1965 Mustang, it's actually almost 100 percent custom built: much like a high-end race car, it's got a tube chassis, complete with a full roll cage, and every body panel is a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber piece.

Under the hood, Block & Co. went to Roush Yates and snagged a 410 cid V8 pumping out 845 hp. Look closely at what's popping up through the hood and you'll see independent throttle bodies, which sort of continue the car's theme of a vintage look backed by some serious tech.

Then, there's the proverbial elephant in the room. Block is almost exclusively an all-wheel drive kind of guy, and Mustang is exclusively a rear-wheel drive kind of car. To make it more to his liking, his team fitted the exact same AWD transaxle that you'll find competing in the Dakar rally. If it'll stand up to thousands of miles of the most intense off road racing on Earth, it'll stand up to a few obstacles on a gymkhana.

No word yet on when the video comes out, but suffice it to say you'll need to stop what you're doing to see this car in action.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He hopes Ford never makes an AWD Mustang, but he'll readily acknowledge how badass this one is.