Nike Just Launched Its Own Airline For Pro Athletes

Published On 09/12/2014 Published On 09/12/2014
Nike Air, literally.
All Photos: Nike and Teague

Nike just teamed with a design firm to create this jet interior concept specifically with the aim of keeping athletes in top physical form. It's so f****** cool and you will never ride in it unless you're Usain Bolt, and if you are Usain Bolt, well, hey man! 

Look at this damn thing. 

Seattle-based Teague Design has created some of the most luxurious aircraft interiors in the world for the past several decades, and they've turned their attention to athletics because apparently they saw an opportunity to create a return on investment for owners who spend zillions of dollars on everything. (*Cough—Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban—cough*.)

The plane's entire concept is based on the notion that home field advantage is more about travel fatigue than raucous fans. Translated: all those times you nearly blacked out from screaming about a third-down placement of the ball are, probably, pointless.

With that in mind, every single seat folds flat into a bed that's long enough for anyone who's not over seven-feet tall. There are also separate leg panels that can be elevated at different angles and used in conjunction with ice and compression sleeves to help expedite a player's recovery.

Yes, it has massage tables, as well as ice/heat baths and a station for players to hook up to IVs for rehydrating purposes. Or hangovers, but neither Teague nor Nike are talking about that.

Naturally, there's a self serve "nutrition zone" where players get customized meals as part of the recovery process.

So, about that extra legroom, Delta?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. By and large, he's not an athlete, but he'd still love to fly on this, because obviously. Follow him on Twitter, where he promises to brag about flying on this if it ever happens.



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