The TMNT Pizza Thrower Is The Coolest Delivery Vehicle In Recorded History

Remember those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza throwers when you were a kid? The good people at Pizza Hut just commissioned a build of the real deal: an actual truck designed to drive at highway speeds and shoot pizzas at hungry onlookers.

Obviously, there're no front window, so the pizza thrower is about as legal to drive down the street as a top fuel dragster (read: it isn't). But if someone had a closed road and balls of steel, it can conceivably hit 75 mph. The important vital stats? It'll throw pizzas at 20 feet per second (that's about 15 mph) while driving at 15 mph, and they'll go about 30 feet, which is considerably further than your average delivery guy can toss a pie.

This thing's actually based on a Toyota Tacoma, uses manhole covers for hubcaps, and weighs two tons. At 12 feet high, it barely clears low bridges. Yet none of that matters, because the whole top half actually moves like a tank turret, operated by a motor taken from an electric wheelchair. Once aimed towards the crowd, it uses a large plunger that's pneumatically operated to shove the pizza out.

Your childhood? Yeah. It's complete.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's trying to cut back on his pizza intake, and this isn't helping.