Prior Design Created A Stingray That's Pure Evil

The standard C7's certainly many things, and passively styled isn't one of them...until you see it next to a Stingray equipped with the PDR700 Widebody Aerodynamic Kit from Prior Design. Take a good hard look at what's going on here. Everything's fiberglass (like most traditional Corvettes) except the parts that are left as naked carbon fiber.

Let's start at the front. There's an entirely new front bumper, complete with an additional spoiler should you decide there's simply too much ground clearance.

The fenders have been widened substantially, and now the substantially deeper vent in the side is left as bare carbon fiber.

For an idea of just how aggressive this kit really is, take a look at the rear wheel arches...then compare them to the stock Corvette.

Lastly, in the very back there's juuuuust enough room for the absolutely huge carbon fiber diffuser. Now all you'll need are some equally huge wheels and you're all set.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He doesn't like most Corvette body kits, but this one's an exception.