The Only Weather App Any Race Fan Needs

Because the only person who actually likes the music on the weather channel is your sweet but seriously uncool aunt, and because that crappy weather app that came with your phone shows you the same mediocre drawings of the sun, moon, or clouds forever, it's time to upgrade. Racing Elements is the first app that's actually a source of entertainment for race fans.

Like other apps, it'll tell you the current or future weather for a host of cities, but unlike the others, it's thoroughly supported by photos from one of the most comprehensive photo archives in the world. If a forecast calls for rain, you'll see a classic wet race, and vice versa for sun.

You even get a detailed description of how the photo came to be, by the photographer himself. If you still want more info, there's a news page that's essentially a perfectly curated Twitter feed for race fans that doubles as an added information page during races themselves.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's wasted plenty of time with this app already, but at least he knows it's sunny outside.