This Is Your New 500 HP, Carbon Fiber, All-American Supercar

The Rezvani Beast was first introduced last year as an ultra-light, 500 hp supercar concept that's as all-American as the SoCal factory in which it's built. Now, it's made the all-important step from concept to production car, with the first example already on the road...and the race track at Willow Springs.

It's made to order, and if you have $165,000 ready, it can be in your garage in just eight weeks.

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YouTube/Rezvani Motors

Vital Statistics

  • Power: 500 hp
  • Weight: 1,650 pounds
  • 0-60 mph: 2.7 seconds
  • Price: $165,000
  • Video: Cheesy as hell; watch it anyway...

In terms of its power to weight ratio, the ultra-light Beast's 3:1 ratio is slightly better than even a Bugatti Veyron. The 500 horses come from a turbocharged and supercharged four banger in back, and the entire body's been sculpted with airflow in mind. Rezvani brought in a race car aerodynamicist to tweak a few details, and he ended up changing almost every surface.

Every vent, hole, or otherwise odd shape you see on this car serves a quantifiable function and somehow, the net effect is a design that flows together to give the car the kind of presence you'd expect from an established exotic.

That's not to say anyone's going to be replacing their Ferraris or McLarens just yet. Part of why the Beast is so light is because it's a beautifully bare-bones, back-to-basics kind of car. Note the distinct lack of cloth or even padding on the seats, and the absence of switches and dials on the center console. Really, the only thing it has from a "luxury" standpoint is Apple CarPlay. For the purist, that's a good thing.

Basic isn't a cute way of saying that the car's anything but technical, either. The headlights, taillights and mirrors are all 3D printed. Of course, you can opt to order your car without the windshield, should you so desire.

You know, in case it complicates things.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’d love to take this for a few quick laps some day.

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