The Wraith St. James Edition Is The Most American, Powerful Rolls-Royce Ever

Just in time for Independence Day, Rolls-Royce tipped their caps to their American fans on our nation's birthday with a special edition Wraith that exemplifies what America is all about, according to Eleanor Roosevelt (or, Ricky Bobby): hot, nasty, badass speed. It's the Wraith St. James Edition, and it's the beastliest car Rolls-Royce has ever made.

With a twin-turbo V12 engine kicked up to a more American 632 hp, eight more than the standard model, the Rolls-Royce Wraith St. James edition bursts out of the gate (of your private estate, this is a Rolls-Royce after all) and takes its place as the most powerful vehicle the legendary luxury carmaker has ever produced.

The St. James' edition features some extra chrome and an aluminum grille, along with black gloss accents on the wheels. Of course, it has a striking red paint job straight off of the American flag.

No other production info was provided, so we're not sure how many of these beasts will be hitting the road and when. One thing we do know: we're hoping we see one in a parade for the Fourth next year. 

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