The 1,500 HP Russian Armored SUV

Published On 10/20/2014 Published On 10/20/2014
Dartz Pombron Black Shark
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Meet the Pombron Black Shark. It's the newest entry from Dartz, the Latvian SUV-enhancer known for over the top opulence (like handing out crazy-expensive vodka when you buy one of their vehicles) and that really weird rap song about Vladimir Putin. It'll shock paparazzi, scan your eyeballs, and it has 1,500 hp.

They're calling it the "world's first real SpyKar," which is why they dropped it on October 19th—the 100th anniversary of the Russian Motorized Infantry. The best part: it's only listing the price is only listed as "6Z." As in six zeroes.

As with previous Dartz rides, underneath the skin it's all Mercedes GL 65 AMG. But this one's been souped up to the tune of 1,500 hp. On just about any other vehicle on Earth, that would be the highlight.

The body has been redesigned as an homage to Russia's Black Shark helicopter, and naturally, it's bulletproof...and magnetic mine-proof, too, since it's nothing but kevlar and titanium. The windows feature electrochromatic tinting, and the doorhandles disappear into the bodywork so no one can grab on. To repel crowds, the Black Shark uses light—think flash grenade—and eardrum-bursting sirens. Should anyone stick around after that, there's a dedicated paparazzi shocking system.

After that, things get insane.

There's a fingerprint and retina scanner—they've actually named it "Golden Eye"—that you have to use to start the Black Shark. To make sure you're in safe hands, Dartz installs a Vigiton driver vigilance system, which uses a series of sensors (i.e. wristbands and rings) to monitor the driver's physical condition and warn you if he or she is fatigued.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Dartz if it wasn't overly fancy: the Champagne cabinet features sterling silver flutes, and the humidor holds a golden hookah. Really. Everything's wrapped in stingray, alligator, ostrich, crocodile, or python leather, and the floors are lined with either shark or sheepskin. As Dartz puts it: "Yes, we are using bizarre leathers, deal with it."

They're only making 10, half of which are (obviously) Russia bound. So yes, it comes with the obligatory dash cam in case of accidents. Pro tip: If you ever see one of these on the road, don't get into an accident with it.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He wants to see Top Gear return to the Faulklands in one of these.



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