Saleen Just Tricked Out A Tesla

Ever since Saleen first started modifying Mustangs back in the 1980s, the company has established a reputation for combining performance and looks that go beyond anything the manufacturer offered. About a decade ago they even went so far as to create their own supercar, the S7; but now Saleen has done something completely foreign to the brand and taken on its first electric vehicle.

This is the FOURSIXTEEN—yes, it's really in all caps—and it's exactly what it looks like, which is a Saleenified Tesla Model S.

As you might expect from Saleen, there's all sorts of body work done to really set the car apart from a stock model. The wheels and the front fascia are obvious enhancements, but Saleen claims the hood has a functional benefit in terms of using the air to keep the Tesla motors cool.

Inside is a sea of Alcantara and leather, giving it a very sporty contrast. Of note is that Saleen kept the steering wheel black right where your hands should go, so you don't have to worry about keeping it perfectly white every time you touch it.

Importantly, the FOURSIXTEEN also features a host of performance improvements, most notably in the form of new gears for quicker acceleration, a limited slip differential so you don't just spin one wheel all the time, and a set of shocks and springs to stiffen the car's handling for flatter cornering.

The bottom line? If you're into Teslas but you want something a bit more edgy and capable, give Saleen a call.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Back in high school, lots of people thought he had a Saleen, but he didn't.