Eleanor, The GT500 From "Gone in 60 Seconds," Is For Sale

As movie cars go, Eleanor is a rock star. Not even the most epic cars in Hollywood history get their own name. Case in point: the Mustang from Bullitt and the Mad Max Interceptor. In many ways, Eleanor has eclipsed the movie for which she was designed, and now, the Gone in 60 Seconds star—there were 11 made, this is number seven—is hitting the auction block at Mecum

In case you’ve been living somewhere that doesn’t have television, Internet, or Nicolas Cage, Eleanor is the Shelby GT500-esque souped-up vintage Mustang that magically flew over a few dozen cop cars en route to silver screen immortality.

Under the hood, a 351 cid V8 spins 400 hp, meaning that all the bracing you see in the engine bay (and all the bracing you don’t see under the car) is actually necessary to keep the thing together under hard acceleration.

Inside, it looks mostly as a proper Shelby should, with a fire extinguisher, because why not?

Just like in the movie, the gearshift has a shiny red button. Unlike the film, however, the button won’t really make you go faster, though it will remind you of the lyrics to "Johnny B. Goode."

As proof of its authenticity, Eleanor comes with an official letter of certification stating that yes, this really is one of the 11 original cars made for the movie.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He was fortunate enough to sit in one of the other original Eleanors a few years back, when he learned that squatters’ rights don’t apply to cars.