The Snowcraft Is A Hands-Free Blizzard Thrill-Ride

If you're looking for something to make the dark winter doldrums suck a whole lot less, let us introduce you to The Snowcraft, a new ski-equipped, two-person trailer that hitches behind a snowmobile or ATV for hands-free thrill-glides over snow, ice, and slush.

Suck on that, 3 p.m. sunsets.

Like one of those tiny trailers carefree parents tow their toddlers in while biking on busy streets, these hard polyethylene-shelled beasts sit on a pair of flexible steel skis that ride smoothly thanks to a gas-operated shock suspension system. So you can sit back and relax without spilling your spiked eggnog all over you and your seatmate.

You'll also be able to watch everything whiz by through its eight windows—four in front, two on either side, and two up top—while breathing fresh brisk air provided via the rear vents.

Giddy up.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor who strongly believes those kiddie bike trailers are the worst.