This Star Wars BMW Somehow Exists

Published On 10/01/2014 Published On 10/01/2014
BMW Stormtrooper by Vilner
All Photos: Vilner

The Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers military outfits aren't exactly what you'd call subtle. But they are striking in their pure, white simplicity, and more than a little imposing, given that they have the force of the Empire backing them up. Still, they've got absolutely nothing on the BMW Stormtrooper from Bulgarian tuning house Vilner.

Just...take a look.

By and large, the Stormtrooper is a comprehensive body kit, with everything from a new hood and front fascia, to wheels, fenders...basically if you see it, they've changed it.

Every piece is hand-laid before being painted pearl white. And yes, it's explicitly modeled after a Stormtrooper. How close they got is up for debate, but these guys are definitely lucky the notoriously litigious George Lucas doesn't own the franchise anymore.

Under the Star Wars-y exterior, the car's all bone-stock, late-model M6, which means there's a 500 hp V10 under the hood (helmet?).

The interior is actually very thorough: except the seat belt, LCD screen, glass, and gauges, literally every surface is covered in beautiful brown leather, charcoal suede, carbon fiber, or naturally, white leather.

Did we mention they were thorough? That's a leather and suede-wrapped rear view mirror. Only a Jedi would have anything less. Sorry.

Without the Stormtroopers surrounding it with what appears to be some sort of Power Rangers pose, the car's actually much less outrageous. Still, though: we'll give $100 to anyone that shoots video of someone driving this while wearing the full outfit.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He didn't know Stormtroopers could drive. Follow his lack of Star Wars knowledge on Twitter.



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