Your Corvette-Powered Jet Ski Dragster Is Here

Some things are just no-brainers: like tossing a Corvette motor into just about anything to make it better. The people at Strand Craft understand that, so when they decided to add to their lineup of mega yachts and other personal water-crafts, they went to work making a Corvette-powered jet ski. Meet the V8 Wet Rod, a 300 hp, V8 Jet Ski dragster that's all but guaranteed to blow away anything you come across.

In a nutshell, the V8 Wet Rod is a luxurious, 300 hp, two-seat Jet Ski that can hit 65 mph. If that's not enough for you, it's got a waterproof compartment for your luggage, and its own ice box, stored neatly under the seat so you don't arrive at your destination empty handed. 

We're guessing this guy wouldn't mind driving one. 

Strand Craft is offering a full customization kit: wood and carbon, custom paint and sound systems, and a chrome dress up kit for the engine, because obviously.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's pretty sure that a Red Bull-sponsored racing series featuring these would be a success.