The Top 8 Cars For Stoners

For some, 4:20 is kinda like a daily Thanksgiving, since you wind up sitting around not doing much except seriously overeating. There's a fair chance you're doing that even if you're not in CO or WA, but our legal team told us we can't talk to you about that. What we can do, however, is talk to you about the very best cars for stoners.

8.The Amphicar
If you have a passenger who happens to have partaken in a few too many "brownies," you have a perfect opportunity here to drive off of the road and straight into the water to mess with 'em. Of course, all that undrinkable water is torture for someone with cottonmouth.

7. The old enclosed Popemobiles
Two words: mobile hotbox. Why do you think there's so much smoke when they pick a new guy?

6. BMW Isetta
The Isetta probably has less air to displace than the Popemobile, plus the steering wheel moves with the door... which is pretty much the entire front of the car. Think about that one as you stare at it opening and closing repeatedly.

5. Cheech and Chong's Van
If we have to explain this one to you, why are you even reading this?

4. Toyota Prius
Hell, even Toyota will tell you this car's all about green.

3. Volkswagen Kombi Van
The original hippie van. There's probably no single vehicle more connected with 4/20 culture. Think about the importance of that one for, like an hour.

2. Anything, so long as you're on Rainbow Road
You spend the entire time frantically hoping for mushrooms, because you're so paranoid that you're gonna get hit by shells. All you really want to do is jump through space from one section of multicolored road to the next.

1. The Mystery Machine
All the Scooby Snacks you could ever need, all in one van. Enough said.