The Polar Expedition Toyota Tacoma

As yet another polar vortex serves as a reminder that summer can't possibly be that far off, thoughts naturally gravitate toward vehicles that can sustain bitter cold for seemingly endless stretches of time. Now, you can actually own the truck that set a Guinness World Record for fastest South Pole run, doing so in under 40 grueling hours.

This snow-chugging mammoth may have started out life as a normal Toyota Tacoma, but it was purpose-built by an international team that included Lotus engineers, so that it could blast across Antarctica faster than any car had ever gone before it. It did exactly that, too, averaging 27.9 mph over some of the harshest terrain on earth.

Running out of fuel in the Antarctic kinda sucks, so the truck has seven different fuel tanks capable of holding 330 gallons. That's enough to drive a Prius from New York to L.A. and back, three consecutive times without stopping.

To protect against jagged ice it's basically armored: every piece of metal's been replaced with thick military grade steel, and it has some rather extreme winches at both the front and the back in the event it gets stuck... though it won't ever get stuck, because it's got its own crevasse bar for extremely steep crossings.

Full-on racing seats are intended to keep you in place no matter what happens, and it comes with two different GPS systems: one that's essentially a large map that can also track speed, and the other is more of a turn-by-turn device (since all of Antarctica looks the same) that's also plugged into the engine management system so it can survive the ridiculously extreme cold. If you're incredibly brave, the route map from the Antarctic run is still programmed in.

The engine has been suped up, too. It's now cranking out 341 supercharged horses, which along with a special engine heater, keep it from freezing.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He really likes cold weather, but defines cold as 40 degrees.