The Awesome Tiny Truck That Volkswagen Needs To Build

This is Volkswagen's new Tristar concept. It's equal parts futuristic van, mobile office, and very tiny truck. It's incredibly awesome. From what we can see, the only thing wrong with it is that the chances of VW making it are kinda slim, and you can forget about it coming to the US. That's a shame. Check this out.

It's an extended-cab pickup with full time four-wheel drive, so it's got everything you'd need from a full sized truck, but scaled down.

The bed's completely water tight—no word from VW if this thing will float—and houses a full size spare with appropriate tread, should you find yourself with a flat in the middle of nowhere.

If the mechanicals and the exterior are cool, the inside is even better. There's a 20-inch swiveling tablet table setup for video conferences...which are made easier because the front seats both pivot toward the rear. You can't really see it in this photo, but since it's been scientifically proven* that you can't have conference calls without coffee, there's an espresso machine tucked away.

*By us. We're scientists.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's drinking coffee as he writes this, and is of the opinion that every car needs an espresso machine as standard equipment. Follow his caffeine addiction on Twitter.