The one-wheeled motorcycle is here

Until now, unicycles and Segways have been the domain of street performers playing for change and mail carriers delivering your bills. That perception, however, is about to change, thanks to the Ryno Microcycle, now available for preorder. Technically, they call it a one-wheeled motorcycle, and it might look like a mechanical antelope attempting to mate with a tire, but in a very real sense, it is a combination of a unicycle and Segway.

It's got two motors, which increases the maximum distance you can travel to over ten miles, but if you're so excited about the 25th Anniversary of Seinfeld that you just have to push its limits like a hypermiling Kramer, the Ryno comes with special bumpers at the front, back, and sides, so it won't get hurt if it falls over.

Just like a Segway, a series of gyroscopes communicate with the onboard computer, which in turn uses the electric motor to balance the 160 pound Ryno. The whole thing came about when the designer was fishing with his daughter, who asked him if he could build a one-wheeled motorcycle just like the one she had seen a few days earlier... in a video game. In one of the most heroic efforts ever to become father of the year, he did exactly that.

With a top speed of ten mph, you can't exactly take it on the highway, but that's not what it's built for. These small LED headlights are for making sure you can see any pedestrians on the sidewalk while you're on your way to the train station.