The Very Best Cars at This Weekend's RM Monaco Auction

Some of the very best cars in the world are up for auction in Monaco this weekend. We've looked at some of them before, but we still can't get enough of the sweetest eye candy people are shelling out megabucks for.

De Tomaso Pantera Rally Car
What's not to love? Someone took a legitimately classic Pantera, which is already a 360 hp monster that combines Italian design and Australian-American muscle, and they prepped it for rally duty. Awesome. [More pics...]

Bugatti EB 110
On one level, this is the Bugatti that time forgot, the car made by a design house that was Bugatti in name only. On the other hand, the EB 110 was a 217 mph all wheel drive supercar that paved the way for the Veyron. This was Michael Schumacher's road car of choice, and it's probably more purely Italian than the Veyron, too. [More pics...]

Ford GT Heritage Edition
Easily the best car Ford has made in the past few decades, the GT Heritage Edition's most striking feature is its gorgeous Gulf livery. Take a few minutes. [More pics...]

The Sultan's Mercedes 300SL AMG
Okay, so the Sultan of Brunei's got some pretty atrocious political beliefs. This car has nothing to do with that. Built to the Sultan's specs, this was a decade-long project from AMG to convert their most classic sports car into a modern performer. It worked. [More pics...]

Lamborghini Miura and Miura Jota
Depending on your perspective, the Miura is the world's first true supercar, with a mid-mounted V12 screaming behind the driver's head. Even more extreme was the Jota, which the factory made pretty much just to see what the outer limits of the Miura's performance could be. [More pics...]

Bizzarini 5300 GT Strada Alloy
When a bunch of workers stormed out of the Ferrari factory to protest Enzo, among them was a man named Bizzarini, who had been the chief designer of the Ferrari 250 GTO. He built this car to correct the imperfections he had left in the 250. That's really all you need to know. [More pics...]

Sir Jackie Stewart's Lola
The car is basically a cartoon. It's a freakishly light, monstrously powerful tool designed in an era when the word "safety" hadn't been invented. Check out the holes up front — it looks like Swiss cheese, but they made the car cut through the air like a bullet. [More pics...]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. The car he'd pick with his infinite Monopoly money would surprise you.