The World's Only Jet-Powered Lakester Is For Sale

Recently we told you that the fastest car ever produced is up for sale. Now, one of the most interesting looking cars in the world just hit eBay. It's a Drop Tank Lakester and it's 100 percent jet-powered.

The Lakester is 16 feet long and was inspired by the world's first cruise missile, the German V-1. While it looks like it used to set records, it was built to be a show car—a driving work of art—but it can shoot six-foot flames out its tailpipe.

Bidding starts at $27,000 here, with a Buy It Now cost of $36,000. That's a pretty low price to have the most interesting looking car on the block. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's looking into putting a jet engine in his own car.