10 Futuristc Mega Yachts That Will Exist Before You Die

Even though the prospect of owning an actual yacht exists only in most peoples' dreams, there's little harm in heaping on some extra unattainable weight to the equation by contemplating which yet-to-exist yacht of the future you'd splurge on. To that end, here are 10 futuristic yacht concepts to ponder.

Happy dreaming.

1. Jazz Yacht

Designed by:Zaha Hadid
From the mind of one of the world's most renowned and well-known architects, this 295-foot seafaring spectacle is inspired by underwater ecosystems, and flaunts a terrifically alien-esque exoskeleton that, among other things, would probably scare off any potential pirates. Inside, though, it's the furthest thing from terrifying, with wildly contemporary spaceship-like features.

2. Lobanov STAR

Bucking the traditional and fairly uniform general superyacht design, this concept pierces the sky with a canopy-like shell, which would house a whopping 27,000-square feet of interior space across its eight-tiered floors. And with three elevators and plenty of guest rooms it will easily accommodate up to 36 overnight guests, or over 200 day-trippers.

3. Project Utopia

Designed by: Yacht Island Design
Less yacht and more private cruise liner, this 11-story, 325-foot behemoth is basically a private island with motors, and comes complete with a 360-degree observation deck up top and enough room down below to accommodate everything from mega-pools to a freaking casino. [More...]

4. Adastra

Designer:McConaghy Boats
This epic 140-foot trimaran is no longer simply a concept, as it was actually launched in 2012 in China, though it does mark the advent of a new era in megaboating. Skimming the surface like a goliath waterbug, it's decked out with all the trappings you'd expect in an uber-luxury craft, including a spacious bar and lounge area, dining area, and top-notch accommodations for up to nine guests (plus crew).

5. Cruiser Series

Designer: Phil Pauley
What these four different models lack in comparative size to the others on this list, they more than make up for in their transportation style. The largest, the Yacht Cruiser, is built for partying, while the smallest, the Power Cruiser is built for speed. The most epic of the bunch are the others two: the Sub actually seals up like a submarine to cruise underwater, and the Fly spreads a pair of wings and literally flies on command.

6. Xhibitionist Yacht

Designed by:Gray Design
Forget its atrocious name and take in the essence of absolute, over-the-top opulence this thing brings to the table. For one, it's has not one, not two, but three heliports, a wide-open lounge area down below with a grand staircase and Steinway piano, spacious sun-decks, and a "powerplant gallery," which actually allows you to watch the engine room in full throttle from behind glass.

7. Trilobis 65

Designed by: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
This magical vessel may be on the older end of the concept scale, having debuted back in 2001, but since it still has yet to be realized, it deserves a place on the list. The four-story rig is half boat, half submarine, complete with the amenities you'd expect in an over-the-top luxury boat, plus a whole submerged windowed section beneath to ogle, and be ogled by, all the marine life lurking down below.

8. The Streets Of Monaco

Designed by:Yacht Island Classics
Can't make it to Monte Carlo this year? Man, rough, sorry to hear it. But soon it may be possible to bring Monte Carlo to you if this sprawling conceptual floating city gets off the ground...and into the water. It's essentially a buoyant scale replica of some of Monaco's most famed attractions. Why? Because, well, why the hell not. [More...]

9. Oculus Yacht

Designed by:Schopfer Yachts
With an exterior that resembles a giant sea creature cresting the water, this beast comfortably accommodates up to 14 guests inside a spacious domed hull, which among other amenities features a lofted dining room with panoramic views. It also sits lower in the water than most other yachts of its size, which is helpful when you're commuting to and from it via Jet-Ski.

10. The Glass Yacht

Designed by:Lujac Desautel
This beautiful marriage of mirrored skyscraper and superyacht is exactly what this crazy world needs. While you'll need unspeakable millions to actually lay claim to one, you do get to customize it to your specs, as its various stories—which come decked out with everything from indoor swimming pools to art galleries—can be stacked atop one another like giant legos. [More...]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor and would be totally fine having access to just the dinghy for one of these monstrosities. Or the whole monstrosity. Either way, really.