Gratuitous Car Porn

30 Brilliantly Modified Cars for the Zombie Apocalypse

British freelance artist Khyzyl Saleem created an entire lineup of dystopian rides completely battle-ready for the inevitable zombie invasion. Originally, the drawings were part of a challenge against a friend and fellow artist to see who could create the most unconventional and cutting edge cars the future's ever seen.

And after dozens of drawings, the end result is spectacular. 

The Aftermath
Yeah, it looks like it's smoldering. That'll happen after hours of high octane zombie evading.

Are you reading this, GM? When the dead start coming back to life, this is what we're gonna want.

For a little insight on how he made these, check out this gif of the process.

Do you even drift?
The E36 BMW's fine for drifting, sure, but imagine using zombies as obstacles in a Ken Block-esque gymkhana video.

Who said exotics can't be rugged?

The Gathering
What exactly is happening here is a mystery, but there's definitely some magic in the air. I'm so sorry.

Type 2 | R32
Holy exposed radiators, Batman! This one's not so good at running through crowds. Just one zombie limb stuck on that radiator would spell certain death.

Zero Fluffs Given
This car is either an artistic commentary on the role of S2000s in the adult entertainment industry, or it's a PSA about leaving your car where vandals can get to it.

Lotus Esprit V8
Basically, Marty McFly and Roger Moore-era James Bond went in on a car together, right?

The Pagani Huayra doesn't exactly need much help looking futuristic.

Under Your Shadow
It really says a lot about how ahead of its time the Lamborghini Countach styling was when it first came out—in the 1970s—that 40 years later, a guy's making wild art about our future and changed...almost nothing.

McLaren P1 HUSV
Using a McLaren P1 hybrid as a "Hyper Undercover Surveillance Vehicle" makes sense, because it can run silently in all electric mode for...wait, don't the Dubai Police already have one of these?

Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle
Realistically, any other name for this old Nissan Skyline would be wrong.

Food for thought: you can buy a salvaged SL55 AMG for around $10K that's already missing the headlights, if you wanted to build this car in the real world.

2000GT Simple
Well, if vintage racing exists in the post-apocalyptic future, everything can't be all bad.

In the City
Nothing too extreme here, just a nice homage to Paul Walker.

SLS | Evade
For when there's no other option but to escape. 

Tim Burton-era Batmobile wheels on an Aventador just look like they belong.

Reason #3219 to love the future: You can do this to Aston Martins.

If this is the future, the only thing missing is Philip J. Fry attempting to purchase this car.

Good to know global warming didn't wipe out the shipping industry, right?

Nissan 300ZX
Why yes, that is an Angry Bird on the side of the car.

Aaand on the side of this one. Angry Birds and Nissan must have an interesting partnership in the future.

Missile Ferrari 599
Sure, sideways is rarely the fastest way to get your car through a corner, but if you've been cutting through so many zombies all day that you've lost your front bumper, it's okay.

Sauber C9
Fun Fact #1: This car was absolutely dominant in the late 80s and hit almost 250 mph at Le Mans, and the Sauber team moved up to Formula One shortly after the success of this car.
Fun Fact #2: It looks positively sinister in black.

As Khyzyl puts it, "In the future, who needs a bonnet?" He means hood, but he's right. It would just get dinged up.

Grassroots LFA
Some cars will just always be nice. This is one of them.

Ferrari 365 GT4
Not jealous of this guy's talent yet? He did this one during his lunch break.

When Lamborghini's brand new 900 hp hybrid supercar just isn't good enough.

Missile Vantage V8
Another gorgeous Aston...and another work of art he did at lunch. This guy's talent is unfair.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He'd definitely take that Corvette and the Sauber.