There Are Literally Dozens of Jurassic Park Jeeps Driving Around America

The Jurassic Park Motor Pool is comprised of few dozen Jurassic Park fans who take the term "enthusiast" to the next level, driving around in Jeeps (and a few Explorers) that have been carefully painted and modified to replicate the movie's counterparts. The group formed its own club and support group for their unique and, come on, kinda awesome vehicles.

The Jurassic Jeeps are a uniting force—most of the owners barely know each other outside the group—so a couple of videographers spent a day with them to glean some insight into what it's like driving a piece of a 21-year-old movie every day. The overall impression? The novelty of driving one around never wears off.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He wants to know how many of these guys spared no expense in the making of their Jeep.