These Horrifying Sculptures are Made of Melted Hubcaps

These hubcap sculptures are probably the weirdest and most frightening you'll ever see, shy of some sort of Final Destination scenario in which a wheel is flying at your head. They're designed by a British artist named Ptolemy, and yes, they're all made from cheap hubcaps that have fallen off of cars.

As with many works of art, a clay model is built first, then the sculpture is pieced together by cutting, heating, and bending tons of hubcaps and random other car parts. The collection is kind of fish-heavy, but they're not exactly ordinary fish. This one belongs in your nightmares, not on your car.

Ptolemy takes commissions as well, so you can have just about anything made, no matter how complex.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He has a zillion miscellaneous car parts sitting around, but he's nowhere near creative enough to turn them into fish.