21 Badass LEGO Rides That Should Have Been In Mad Max

Make no mistake, the cars, trucks, and bikes that are featured in Mad Max: Fury Road are seriously awesome creations that anyone would love to have in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Still, there's always room for improvement, and one man who goes simply by "LEGO Will" has taken it upon himself to make an entire fleet of righteous Mad Max-mobiles out of everyone's favorite plastic bricks. Some of them are inspired by the Fury Road rides, and some are his own creations, but all will have you salivating at the prospect of a LEGO Mad Max movie.*

Check the pics below for the highlights, or see all 113 of LEGO Will's photos right here.

*Note to LEGO: Please make a LEGO Mad Max movie.

Uh, yes. That's Mater in Fury Road guise.

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