10 Things You Definitely Screwed Up On Your First Car

It doesn't matter if your first car was a $2,500 clunker or a shiny new sports car, a lack of experience combined with lack of judgment is a volatile combination when dealing with your first real "grown up" responsibility.

You definitely screwed a couple things up on your first car, and that's okay. I mean, honestly, who really checks their tire pressure before every trip? That said, here are 10 of the most common mistakes you made as a first-time owner. 

1. Putting an obnoxious wing on your trunk

That doesn't really do anything aside from killing resale value.

2. Installing a new stereo without changing the speakers

Sure, it probably sounded better than stock...for about a month, when the factory speakers couldn't take it anymore and blew.

3. Not letting your engine warm up

There's nothing quite like hitting high RPMs on a cold engine with cold oil to guarantee a shorter life and pricey repairs.

4. ​Missing a shift

Everyone did this at least once. Is it embarrassing? Sure. But it’s okay, provided this wasn't a daily occurrence. At least you learned to drive a manual.

5. Showing off and hitting something

You know why you’re not supposed to have a nice car while you’re still in high school? It’s basically a fact of life you’re going to put at least a scratch or a ding in it at some point, most likely right after uttering the phrase "watch this."

6. Washing your car with dish soap

All the hard work you spent the previous weekend waxing your car went right out the window the moment you hit it with Dawn.

7. Not checking your tire pressure

If you weren’t checking your tire pressures monthly at a bare minimum, you were doing it wrong. Hopefully you at least checked them before you hit the highway for road trips or heading off to college.

8. Ignoring routine maintenance

The "Check Engine" light’s not on, so you don’t need to check the oil, right?

9. Turning on your fog lights all the time

Somehow we all thought this was "cool" at one time or another. It's just pointless, though. You’re also potentially blinding people driving toward you, which is why, in most states, it's actually illegal to use fog lights if it's not foggy out.

10. Putting both jumper cables on the battery when you’re jumping your car

Did it work? Yes. Does it convey a complete lack of understanding of electrical systems and open yourself up to potential damages and dangers? Also yes.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's embarrassed to admit that he was certainly guilty of a few of these back in the day.

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