This Custom Harley has Schwarzenegger's Name Written All Over It

Combining the self-evident badass properties of Harley Davidson with the timeless classic lines of a cafe racer, Chicago-based Bull Cycles has turned this 2007 Harley into something that's both purely American and post-apocalyptically perfect. If Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a cafe racer, this would be it.

The impetus for this bike is literally decades in the making: Bull Cycles' owner spent about 20 years traveling the country, mastering techniques for just about every aspect of custom fabrication, from CAD to welding and machining. During that time he developed an affinity for working with raw materials, hence the flat silver paint you see here, which gives the appearance of bare metal.

Those years spent learning also led to a perfectionist streak, so very little on this bike isn't built from scratch. The LED headlight? Just one of many pieces that he spent hours staring at, trying to figure out the best way to make it fit on the bike. The fuel tank? He cut it in two and re-welded it just to make it fit better.

The general approach to this bike was to make it equal parts muscle car and cafe racer, which is why you see the classic Harley engine so exposed. The bike's appearance has a tendency to make you wish you were anywhere but traffic... which is funny, since its name is officially "Traffic."

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He appreciates perfectionists, but doesn't believe perfection exists. Try to follow him to perfection on Twitter.