A $20,000 Camera Capturing $150,000 Cars

The Red EPIC camera is sort of the supercar of the camera world, capable of filming in 5k resolution and getting the kind of shots you'd normally only see in National Geographic or Top Gear. Combine with a professional videographer and toss in some actual supercars, and you've procured a serious winner. That's exactly what happened last weekend when Dylan Wintersteen of Atlanta grabbed one of the supercameras from the office and hit up a Caffeine and Octane car show show. 

This was the first time Dylan had ever used the EPIC for a shoot. Using a five-figure camera and very little space between hoards of six-figure cars, he had to improvise, using a friend's skateboard and a couple of sandbags as a dolly. Not a bad start.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He has a three-figure camera and a five-figure car. He'd like to buy a decimal place.