This Armored 4x4 Makes Hummers Look Like Minivans

Israel isn't exactly prone to being lax on security, but now, Israel Military Industries has developed the ultimate armored 4x4. It's called the Combat Guard, and it offers a combination of invincibility and bad-assery that not even Hummer-enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger could fathom.

It has absolutely no issue with intense terrain: it's perfectly comfortable driving up or down slopes of up to 70 degrees (the custom 54-inch tires help) and over three feet of ground clearance. The massive diesel engine helps allow Combat Guard to drive through fields of boulders at up to 75 mph.

According to IMI, Combat Guard was developed not just for military missions and counterterrorism, but also for border patrols and "deployment in urban areas." Essentially, it's 1980s Detroit-proof.

It can seat up to eight passengers, all of whom are protected by a thick layer of armor on the floor that's designed to deflect land mines.

Can you buy it? Not unless you're a country, but that doesn't mean you can't watch it in action in IMI's demo video.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He lived in Israel during the first Gulf War, but only rode around in Subarus and Fiats.