This Remake Of The Famous Bullitt Chase Scene Is Actually Kind Of Awesome

Bullitt is one of the most important car guy movies ever made, partially because of the cars, partially because it starred Steve McQueen. But largely it's because it involved one of the most stunning car chases ever put to film, with a Mustang and a Charger trading blows through the streets (and air) of San Francisco. Now that the Mustang is turning 50, the Brits are celebrating with a huge Mustang bash at their most famous race track: Silverstone. In the lead up to that, they just redid the chase scene.

Did they pull it off? Well, you'll have to watch it for yourself, but there's something undeniably awesome about seeing two vintage pony cars dueling it out on one of Europe's best tracks.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's convinced that if Silverstone added more San Francisco-style elevation changes, it would be one of the best tracks anywhere on earth.