The Super 70's De Tomaso Pantera Rally Car

The De Tomaso Pantera is, of course, the ultimate 1970s hybrid: that wedge shape is the height of Italian styling, while the Ford V8 nestled behind the driver is standard running gear for some of the fastest Mustangs. 40 years later, it's somewhat of an icon, but that didn't stop the owner of this one from making a few changes so he could take it blasting through forests in official FIA historic rallies. It's going on the block at RM's Monaco auction, and it's simply amazing.

On the outside, it looks much like any other Pantera, with the flip-down headlights and ultra-low nose providing an easier path for slicing through the air at seriously high speeds.

Inside, proper race seats and a roll cage now dominate the landscape, yet those who have sat in it are adamant that it's still really comfy. The owner even kept the power windows, presumably because you can't reach a window crank if you're strapped into your race seats.

In back, it's still got a 351cid Ford V8 that was built in Australia. It's significantly more powerful than its American counterpart, kicking up 360 hp.

Despite the express intent to go drive this off road, over rocks, and near trees at well over 100 mph, the car has been fully restored, and now boasts a lightweight racing hood that's held down by pins. Standing behind this as it takes off on gravel, we're not sure if the heat of the exhaust or the sting of the rocks would hurt more, but we wouldn't care. It's a rally-ready Pantera.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. This car intrigues him, because it's such an unusual choice for a rally car, but also such an awesome one.