"I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team." —Lee Iacocca, Father of the Mustang

April 17 might be the Mustang's 51st birthday, but these seven are certainly ageless.

Remarkable Autos

Restored 1965 Coupe

This car is not a modern supercar in vintage clothing or a pristine piece of history that needs to be trailered everywhere. This car was restored specifically to be driven. And driven it shall be. [See more]


1972 Mach 1

Ford made two different variations of the 351 cid V8: the Windsor and the Cleveland. This car has the latter, which is the much more performance-oriented of the two. The gas crisis kinda took the air out of V8s for, well, most of the 1970s, so this car kinda held its own for a long while. [See more]

RK Motors Charlotte

1986 SVO

The SVO is still one of the most unique Mustangs ever to roll off the assembly line. It wasn't the only four cylinder turbo Mustang in the early 80s, but it was certainly a step above. It was a stout handler because of the lighter weight up front, and it didn't give up much in a straight line. There's a reason so many people were clamoring for Ford to make the new EcoBoost Mustang an SVO. [See more]


1988 ASC McLaren Mustang

McLaren put its name on a Mustang in the 1980s. The short version is that a guy made a very nice Mustang convertible to satisfy his Mercedes-loving wife, and it was so good that McLaren and American Sunroof Company wound up producing quite a few between 1984 and 1988. [See more]


2001 Bullitt

Ford's tribute to all that is McQueen really did have some better performance parts (most notably the brakes), but the real beauty to these cars is inside. The seats, gear shift, and speedometer were all unique, and with just 7,600 miles on the clock, so is this car. [See more]


2003 SVT Cobra Convertible

The 2003-2004 Cobra was known internally as "The Terminator," since its supercharged V8 was pushing close to 400 hp—on pace with even the fastest Corvettes of the day and miles ahead of the Camaro, which ceased to exist after 2002. It even had an independent rear suspension more than a decade before Mustang returned to the idea for the current model. [See more]

Gas Monkey Garage

2014 Boss 302S

This goes way beyond any of the Boss Mustangs your dad grew up loving, and it's both more hardcore and more rare than any Cobra R ever produced. Those were great, but this is a thoroughbred built purely for life on the track. It has a full roll cage, proper harnesses, and a slew of factory-installed performance goodies so comprehensive that there's even a specially-tuned ABS unit. Only 50 of 'em were made, and this one somehow wound up with the guys at Gas Monkey Garage, aka the seller. [See more]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. His first car was a 1992 Mustang GT.



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