Two Of Top Gear’s Ex Hosts Are Selling A Dozen Of Their Bikes

Former Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond are auctioning off 12 of their motorcycles at the upcoming Bonhams Spring Stafford Sale. And although the timing of the auction is somewhat suspicious, Bonhams is reporting the sale was set up well before the Top Gear fracas scandal resulting in their resignations.

"Just because I'm unemployed now doesn't mean I have to get rid of everything. I was going to sell these bikes anyway,“ May said. “And those paintings, and my collection of Scalextric cars. Honest!" Together, the duo have no less than 12 bikes up for grabs at the auction. Here they are:

1974 Yamaha 49CC FS1-E

Owner: James May
This moped has the distinction of being one of the few models that Yamaha revived after putting it out of production. Top speed? A very Captain Slow-like 45 mph. [See more]

1976 Suzuki AP50

Owner: James May
Popular among UK teenagers in the 1960s, the AP50 skated around the laws of that era by adding pedals to the existing A50 model to make it legal for underage riders. Not bad for a “bicycle” with a top speed of 50 mph. [See more]

1980 Ossa 250CC MAR Trials Motorcycle

Owner: James May
English motorcycle racing star Mick Anderson developed the MAR (Mick Anderson Racing) model to compete with rivals Bultaco and Montessa. He won the Trial European Championships 1971 and 1972 riding the bike. [See more]

1979 Suzuki TS250

Owner: James May
May only recently acquired the off-road Suzuki staple, bringing it back to its original condition in 2014 using secondhand parts and an original exhaust system. [See more]

1973 Honda CD175

Owner: James May
Honda meant for the CD175 model to be a daily beater, but its style, 65 mph cruising speed, and 70-mpg fuel efficiency made it a consumer favorite for over a decade. [See more]

1975 Honda CB200

Owner: James May
The CB200 is small and relatively slow but it’s also light, easy to ride, and it looks good. That's important. [See more]

1971 Kawasaki 250CC A1 Samurai

Owner: James May
The A1 Samurai was one of the first top-notch sport models that Kawasaki produced. It easily topped the 100 mph threshold making it way ahead of its time for a 250CC bike. [See more]

2010 Yamaha SR400 'Grievous Angel' by Deus Ex Machina

Owner: James May
Former surfer/businessman Dare Jennings’ company Dues Ex Machina rebooted the 1970s style street bike, adding a modern twist with plenty of flare. [See more]

1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

Owner: Richard Hammond
This touring bike was Honda’s best guess at what Americans wanted in a cross-country motorcycle. In 1977, this was the most advanced—and one of the fastest—motorcycles on the market. [See more]

2010 Norton Commando 961 SE

Owner: Richard Hammond
After a few less than stellar comeback attempts, Norton got it right with the Commando series. Number 45 of 200, Hammond’s Commando features carbon fiber wheels and a sports exhaust system. [See more]

1970 Triton 500CC Café Racer

Owner: Richard Hammond
This hybrid sports bike features parts from Triumph, Norton, and Tiger to name a few. It was first owned by May, who then sold it to his co-host. [See more]

1975 Yamaha 49CC FS1-E

Owner: Richard Hammond
Hammond’s FSE-1 is said to be in excellent condition. He acquired the highly collectible moped (yes, there is such a thing) in 2011. [See more]

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