The DIY Mini-Landrovers We Would Have Died For Growing Up

Whoever said cars are designed purely for transportation purposes never owned a Toylander mini electric car. Equal parts DIY project and childhood wish fulfillment, this series of miniature-sized vehicles will turn your patio into your new favorite racetrack. 

The Toylander series is available in a variety of true-to-life models, including Land Rover Series 1 and 2, Tractor, Mayfair, and Scout.

Severals models, such as the picture TL3 Army, can accommodate adult passengers as well as children. 

Each kit contains all the necessary hardware, electrics, and paint, and takes up to 80 hours to put together, but the end product makes the investment worth it: Each car features real-life vehicular functions such as a foot and hand brake, a reverse gear, lights, horn, folding windscreen, and opening tailgate. 

Kits start at $923

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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