Please, Please Let This Japanese Toyota GT 86 Come To America

Today, Toyota Japan announced a limited edition Japan-exclusive GT 86 that has us drooling. Here's to hoping that through some stroke of benevolence they give us a shot at it here in the good old US of A. They're calling it the "Yellow Limited," because...well, just look at it. 

Along with the "Sunrise Yellow" exterior, the car's interior is all black—except of course for yellow stitching on the leather and Alcantara seats and upholstery.

Once they bring the car over to the U.S., this orientation will have to change—but hopefully they'll keep the manual transmission. 

The 86 GT is available in two editions, the Aero Package and the Aero Package FT. Both versions have 18-inch aluminum wheels and other customized body additions. The FT features body kit lips and side skirts, sport brake pads, and this bigtime spoiler in the back. 

If this beast does become available to American consumers, it will probably be in the form of the Scion FR-S, the American version of the 86, which has a similar limited edition available in the FR-S 1.0. But alas—it's not quite the same. 

We especially hope to see an American port of the Yellow Limited because it only costs about $26,000 to order in Japan, compared to $31,000 for the FR-S 1.0. If they can keep the price where it's at and bring it here, we're sold.

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