The World's First Twin-Turbo TA Viper Has 1,500 HP

Published On 02/26/2015 Published On 02/26/2015
The 1,500 Viper Sounds Like the Devil

The Viper's not exactly a slow car to begin with, but a company called RSI Racing Solutions has just taken it a step further. With a couple of turbos and a parts list about as long to read as War and Peace, it's capable of putting out 1,100 hp if you fill it up at the nearest gas station, or a full 1,500 hp if you use race fuel.

Want to see and hear it in action? Watch the clip below...

What RSI does is increase the size of the engine and replace almost everything under the hood except for the block itself. Total cost? $89, addition to the cost of the Viper in the first place.

1,500 hp doesn't come cheap.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He thinks a 1,500 hp car would be an entertaining daily driver.



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