This Is The World's First Ferrari-Camino

Built by a couple of British guys who are obviously not afraid to cross boundaries, this is the world's first Ferrari-Camino. UK television show Ultimate Wheels took this 1989 Ferrari 412, chopped it more mercilessly than Vince Offer can fathom, and turned it into a truck.

After taking off about three feet of the car's top, they went for a boating theme, and covered the bed in teak wood.

The inspiration was to build the car for London area painters who work in nice neighborhoods, so they've fit the exhaust with electric valves to keep things quiet when pulling up to a customer's house. They've also bolstered the rear suspension to support all that paint.

And of course, it's got its own secret compartment hiding a high-end sound system.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. If house painters are driving Ferraris to work these days, he's in the wrong business.